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Mortgage Relief - Flagstaff, AZ

"EASY!  I was able to call you at any time, it was easy.  Everything was laid out, there was no stress.  The dates you gave, everything went through.  Anything we needed, I even called you after hours and you answered.  It was just really smooth ..."

                                                         - Linda Jansen

Senior Transition Seller - Prescott Valley, AZ

"I could trust you, the honesty.  I'm pretty hard to convince sometimes ... but you proved yourself.  Everything you said you were going to do you did ..."

                                                         - Susan Lantz

Senior Transition Seller - Prescott Valley, AZ

"If you're in a bind and you really don't know where you're going just call them.  They are extremely helpful, they'll direct you, whatever help you need they're there ..."

                                                         - Ursula Gallas

Senior Transition Seller - Prescott Valley, AZ

"The friendliness and the follow through are really the things that have been important to me because you've been there to capture the things that I needed ... that's been really helpful to me. "

                                                         - Don Colson

Cash Purchase - Flagstaff, AZ

"I like that since you guys bought it we didn't have to put it on the market in the traditional way.  We didn't have to worry about showings and all of that.  I think the ease of everything is what I liked most about working with you."

                                                            - Gene Ortiz

Senior Transition Seller - Munds Park, AZ

"You're both exceptionally nice as far as I'm concerned and you were very concerned about what was happening with me and my property. "

                                                         - Judy Brusack

Lease to Own Purchase - Winslow, AZ

"We are really grateful.  Just to have a house for my kids, that was my goal to get them a house ... To accomplish this, oh my gosh I'm so grateful to both of you."

                                                         - Delilah Tso

Owner Finance - Rimrock, AZ

"My wife and I don't have a long, extensive credit history and I'm self-employed, so it's not that easy to qualify for conventional financing.  I was pretty happy to get the chance to get seller financing."

                                                         - Elias Latour

Lease to Own - Winslow, AZ

"I’m already recommending you.  People saw some of my stories and they asked me how I went through this and I told them about Mountain Shamrock and that they could trust you …"

                                                         - Delilah Tso

Cash Purchase - Rimrock, AZ

"You guys have been super helpful ... it couldn't have been any easier.  I really appreciate you guys.  You guys are awesome, you guys are the way to go."

                                                            - Kevin Carl

Lease to Own - Flagstaff, AZ

"There's a lot of people that want to pressure you into doing something.  With you guys that's the complete opposite.  I was actually really comfortable and really sure about going forward with you."

                                                            - Sandra Ruiz

Owner Finance - Winslow, AZ

"It was so easy and convenient to work with you guys and there wasn’t too much hassle actually.  Everything was pretty much laid out right on the table for us."

                                                            - Justin Mileham & Kylee Allen

Cash Purchase - Munds Park, AZ

"The down to earth friendly atmosphere you guys put out ... it's more or less talking to a friend."

                                                                    - Richard Risner

Lease to Own - Flagstaff, AZ

"This is my 7th house altogether and I can't think of a smoother transition than this has been ..."

                                                                    - Rick Holmes


Lease to Own - Winslow, AZ

"It was a very easy process ... you guys were great!"

- Kelafer Kinlecheenie

“Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."
— John D. Rockefeller

"You can dream, create, design, and build the most beautiful place in the world, but it requires people to make it a reality." 
--Walt Disney

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his own dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
— Henry David Thoreau.

"The only failure lies in failure to start." 
—Harold Blake Walker

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At Mountain Shamrock Properties, we are a multi-service company who BUYS, REPAIRS, MANAGES, and SELLS HOMES while focusing on providing you with Fast, Friendly, and Flexible service.


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