Why Buying Land from an Investor Simplifies Your Life

Over and over, with land, we see this process from market to sold. It’ goes like this: A seller puts their land on the market and they price it too high. Then a buyer comes along and makes an offer, usually it’s too low. The ‘just right’ price (that reflects the actual value of the…

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7 Things to Look For When Buying Vacant Land

There are warning signs in every real estate deal, but land is its own beast altogether, and therefore plays by a different set of rules. There are a number of things that need to be addressed and evaluated before even considering purchasing a parcel of land – we know what not to do, because we’ve…

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Why Land is the #1 Overlooked Real Estate Investment

Vacant land is one of the best, and most underappreciated, real estate investments in the world. And yet, so few investors specialize in it. Why? Most investors view land as a weak investment because it just sits there, doing nothing. It’s a common thought, but a totally flawed one. Vacant land can absolutely be a…

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